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Burials at Sea

 Paying tribute shouldn’t mean paying more.  In today’s difficult economic times, how do you fulfill the wishes of your loved one while remaining financially responsible?   Sea Services has helped hundreds of families through the years find the right vessel for their budget and is approved by the Better Business Bureau.  We work very closely with our licensed Captains to provide the most economic private charter for you and your guests. In addition to our private charters, we give you a scattering urn and important information about performing a burial at sea. The average cost today for an attended service ranges between $950.00 to $1250.00 for a private charter depending on how many people you have in your party.

Times are avalible from 9am till 2pm. Early morning services are recomended providing more of a stable and smooth ride. Parties start at groups of 6 up to 49 people. 

When circumstances don’t allow you to be present, Sea Services will perform the scattering or Burial at Sea, starting at $195.00, includes flower petals and a memorial certificate.