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Earth Urns & Caskets

When a loved one passes this life and goes on into eternity, the decision of selecting the proper memorial can be a hard one. The grieving process takes over, and people often find themselves unable to make decisions. This is normal when your heart and soul are aching for a loved one. At Thomas Miller Mortuary, we strive to make your decisions easier, because we understand that you are going through the most difficult time you have ever experienced. We offer the best quality biodegradable urns at extremely competitive prices.

Each of our urns are an elegant choice for home display, earth or deep water burial. Our selection is one of the largest you will find, all materials used in the making of urns are biodegradable, non-toxic and environmentally safe. Each urn is suitable for land burial & water burial on the ocean or lakes. We lead the biodegradable urns market by providing the largest selection of exclusive products online. View our burial urns for further burial options. Our passion is to work towards a sustainable and green company, community and world. We work hard to uphold our green image and unique biodegradable product line.

Most of the urns we provide meet the standards of the Transportation Security Administration and can pass through gate-side security and be carried onboard an airplane along with shipping.

We have hand crafted sand urns. The urns will not break down over time at home. If you choose to scatter your loved one at sea or in a lake some time after entering the water and settling on the bottom of the ocean or lake, the top will become dislodged and the cremains of your loved one will mingle with the deep sea or lake. Within a couple of days, the urn will start to have crustaceans attach and small fish or other sea creatures will find the urn a safe haven. The urn will be a part of the ocean floor and your loved one will be part of a great ocean or lake. 

Journey by Passages

These Water Burial Urns make a scattering or burial on water or land, an event and are a unique way to accept and express a loved one’s passing. Accented with real leaves and petals, each Urn is a "green" urn and can be used as a scattering or burial urn.

Our Scattering Tube Collection

A scattering is an event and a unique way to accept and express a loved one's passing. The Fall Leaves Urns and Tubes are a simply elegant and beautiful way to have a memorial scattering of your loved one's cremains. Each of the Fall Leaves Urns have life like natural images laser printed over beautifully textured rice paper. The designs are sealed and protected with an acrylic medium which give the urn a texture finish. These sturdy urns are not only perfect for scattering of a loved one's cremains, but they are travel friendly, and TSA approved.

Eco-Friendly Caskets

Eco-Friendly Caskets are crafted by skilled weavers as a small cottage industry, not in factories. They are created from sustainable materials such as fast-growing willow, seagrass and bamboo which don’t require heavy machinery for harvesting, giving them a small carbon footprint. Casket linings are made from unbleached natural cotton. Each casket can used for either burial or cremation.

The Memento Series

The Memento Urn for biodegradable water burial allows families to create a unique, meaningful and participatory ceremony by placing personal notes into the urn prior to placing it at sea. Twenty handmade paper notecards are included with each urn.

The urn is crafted by hand on antique molds from non-toxic, recycled food-grade paper and is hand painted using environmentally-friendly milk paints. The urn is designed to float briefly before sinking, and biodegrades naturally over time. The Memento Urn is packaged in a recyclable box for discreet and convenient transportation.

Our Shell Urn Collection

Our Cornstarch EcoUrns

Cornstarch EcoUrns is made from durable and environmentally-friendly cornstarch. They feature a secure “snap lock” closing mechanism that permanently closes the urn. The EcoUrns can be kept at home, or placed in a cemetery niche or columbarium, since they will not biodegrade or deteriorate unless buried. When buried in earth, the urn will biodegrade completely over time. (The time taken to biodegrade will vary depending on local soil conditions).

Each EcoUrn is hand painted and each includes a biodegradable bag for the cremated remains to be placed in prior to closing the urn. Each urn comes in a convenient carry box that can be used for discreet and convenient transportation.

Biodegradable Turtles

The Paper Turtles are crafted by hand from recycled paper bags. Each turtle will accommodate up to two or three tablespoons of cremated remains and are designed to float briefly before sinking. Once the turtle sinks, it will biodegrade naturally over time. Available in Natural and Newsprint designs. Since the turtles are crafted by hand, the size, shape and color of each may vary.